What is MapLink?

MapLink integrates desktop database applications seamlessly with MapInfo ProfessionalArcGIS and QGIS. Where the phrase "the associated application" is used below, it refers to the non-GIS interfaces in a product like CAMS, CMSi, HBSMR, or any other application in which MapLink has been used.

Functionality for users is provided in the following areas:

Function Notes MapInfo ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Pro
(in prep)
Load GIS Allows a user to open the GIS from the application, loading a pre-configured project. Y Y Y Y
View record on map “ViewAdd” method, centers on and selects map features for the record; allows automated feature creation and/or starting editing, with awareness of the user’s permissions. Y Y Y Y
View multiple on map View a list of records that have been filtered in the associated application, centering and zooming to show them, and selecting the features.  Y Y Y Y
Create and edit geometry Create and edit geometry for active application record (after either ViewAdd or Set Active Record). Respects configured rules for cardinality and geometry types. Y Y Y Y
Set active record Prepares the map for an editing session on a selected feature without a round trip through the associated application. Y Y Y Y
Create new database record Subject to configuration, allows user to initiate creation of a record in the map, after which control will be passed to the associated application to enter attribution. Y Y TBC Y
Update database record Allows the user to force an update of the spatial metadata in the associated application for the selected record(s). Y Y Y Y
Display active layer and record Displays on click and/or hover information about the currently active layer and record. Y Y Y Y
Selection tools Depending on the GIS platform, various tools to aid in making and clearing feature selections. Y Y TBC Y
Show/hide unselected Allows the user to toggle between modes of displaying selections, showing or hiding unselected features. Y Y Y Y
Show database record Shows the record details in the associated application for a single clicked/selected map feature. Y Y Y Y
Show database records Opens a list view of selected map features in the associated application. Y Y Y Y
Export features Allows users to export the GIS features and configured attributes for a filtered list of records. Y Y Y Y
Map templating Allows generation of customised cartographic output, and management of the templates Y N (exists, but not via MapLink) N (as for ArcGIS) N (as for ArcGIS)
Gazetteer Allows user to navigate the map by searching configured datasets. Y Y ? TBC for first release N
LibraryLink integration Tool that allows user to see digital resources (images, documents etc) linked to map features, and (if licensed) add/manage those resources. Y Y Not in first release Y
Close/Return Depending on the GIS and configuration, returns the user to the associated application, and may close/minimize/hide the map. Y Y Y Y


Additional functionality for applications developers is provided in the following areas:

Functional Notes MapInfo ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Pro
(in prep)
Move to Allows operations in the associated application to set the map extent to a particular centre point and scale. Y Y Y Y
CSV import Creates geometries from a CSV data source. ? ? ? ?
Save map image Saves a map image to disk, generally for use in reporting. Y Y Y Y
Feature exists API method to check whether any spatial features exist for a given application record. Y Y ? Y
Feature count API method to count spatial features for a given application record. Y Y ? Y
Close GIS Ensure the GIS application is closed when the associated application closes. Y Y Y Y


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